Meyer Straight Plow Pistol Grip Controller, 22690DC


  • Includes toggleable automatic raise mode (ARM) and automatic lower mode (ALM)
  • Double Click (DC) feature allows full plow positioning with double-click of any button
  • 12 pin plug, also comes with a 6 pin adapter harness

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Introducing the Meyer Straight Plow Pistol Grip Controller 22690DC – the perfect solution for effortless snow plowing!

With its advanced features, this new and improved controller (replacing the old part# 22690X) is designed to make your life easier and more efficient on the job.

Featuring the automatic raise mode (ARM) and automatic lower mode (ALM). The ARM mode automatically raises the plow when you shift into reverse, while the ALM mode automatically lowers the plow. This controller includes a 12 to 6 pin adapter for the controller harness and diode for the motor solenoid, making installation a breeze on multiple Meyer setups.

22690DC also boasts the convenient Double Click (DC) feature, allowing you to fully position the plow with a simple double-click of any button (up, down, left, right). The “lights only” mode lets you turn on the plow lights by tapping the On/Off switch, while holding the button activates all functions and lights up green. The HFP (Hands Free Plowing) button works the same as the 22690X, ensuring seamless and effortless operation.

This versatile Pistol Grip Controller is compatible with Meyer and Diamond Plows with 12 or 6 pin plugs, excluding the V Plow Series and E-68 plows, and can be used with the Meyer Classic, EZ Mount, and Diamond MD II mount setups. Detailed instructions are included in the packaging for a quick and easy DIY installation.

Remember, using Genuine OEM Meyer parts and products is essential to keeping your Meyer warranty and getting the best results from your plow. Order your OEM Meyer Straight Plow Pistol Grip Controller 22690DC today and make snow plowing a breeze!

Additional information

Weight3 lbs


Number of Pins (Electrical)

6, 12


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