Meyer Diamond V-71 Super-V Pistol Grip Control, 22869X


  • Hands-Free Plowing (HFP) mode with automatic raise and lower feature
  • Self-diagnosing system with monitor light indicating problems with specific coil/connection
  • Auto detect feature that allows operation with E-58H, E-70, E-72, or V-71 pumps
  • 12-pin white rectangular plug controller

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The Meyer Diamond V-71 Super-V Pistol Grip Control, 22869X is a top-of-the-line, OEM genuine Meyer pistol grip controller designed for the Super-V plows using the V-71 hydraulic unit (can also be used with E-58H, E-70, E-72 pumps). This advanced controller offers a variety of touch pad functions and features to enhance your plowing experience.

This has a Hands-Free Plowing mode which controls plow up/down with vehicle shift lever.

This Meyer pistol grip has buttons for power, wing control for both right and left sides, Scoop, V, and arrows for up, down, left and right. Additionally, the Lower/Float position allows the snow plow to follow the contour of the road and be angled to the left or right, making it easier to tackle difficult plowing situations.

It also has an auto detect feature, which allows it to operate with E-58H, E-70, E-72, or V-71. This feature provides you with increased versatility, allowing you to use the controller with a variety of plows.

The Meyer Diamond V-71 Super-V Pistol Grip Control is equipped with a self-diagnosing system that features a monitor LED. The light will flash if the control senses a problem with a specific coil or connection on the hydraulic unit.


The legend for the monitor flash code is printed on the back of the controller.

Back of controller:
Light Flashes Check Coil (wire Color):

  • Continuous Light – Motor Solenoid
  • 1 Light Flash – Red
  • 2 Light Flashes – Black
  • 3 Light Flashes – Green
  • 4 Light Flashes – Yellow
  • 5 Light Flashes – Lt. Blue
  • 6 Light Flashes – Purple

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Number of Pins (Electrical)



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