Meyer EZ1 Pistol Grip Control for S.O.S., 23047


  • Hands-Free Plowing mode to control plow raise/lower with truck’s shifter
  • Integral diagnostics with printed error codes for easy field troubleshooting
  • Suitable for new 12-pin Standard Operating System plows ONLY

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The Meyer EZ1 Pistol Grip Control for S.O.S., 23047 is a state-of-the-art plow control system designed for use with the new standard operating system plows. This controller is compatible with Standard Operating System (S.O.S.) ONLY. You can tell by looking at the plug on your current controller or harness.

This control is equipped with various buttons for HFP (Hands-Free Plowing), On/Off, and arrows for up, down, left, and right, making it easy for the operator to use.

The Hands-Free Plowing features automatic raise mode (ARM) and automatic lower mode (ALM). The ARM mode automatically raises the plow when the operator shifts the vehicle in reverse, while the ALM mode automatically lowers the plow when the operator shifts the vehicle out of reverse.

The controller is pre-programmed for straight blades, making it plug-and-play compatible with OEM Meyer controllers and plows. Its ergonomic design allows for easy one-handed operation and the illuminated keypad provides superior control in low-visibility situations.

The controller is self-diagnosing and the monitor light located on the control switch will flash if there is an error. The switch can be reset by shutting off the ignition or by turning the power switch off momentarily and then back on. If the monitor light remains illuminated after reset attempts, the operator should contact an authorized Meyer Distributor for repairs.

Monitor light flash codes on back of controller:

Continuous Light – Motor Solenoid
1 Light Flash – Red Wire Coil
2 Light Flashes – Black Wire Coil
3 Light Flashes – Green Wire Coil
4 Light Flashes – Yellow Wire Coil
5 Light Flashes – Lt. Blue Wire Coil
6 Light Flashes – Purple Wire Coil

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