Meyer 22261 MDII EZ Plus Truck Side Harness


Meyer 22261 MDII EZ Plus Truck Side Harness. This rectangle-shaped harness is compatible with E-47, E-57, or E-60 pumps and provides power and ground plugs, Nite Saber plugs, and three pump solenoid wires.

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Meyer 22261 MDII EZ Plus Truck Side Harness. Designed for use with the MDII and early EZ Plus mount plows, this genuine OE harness is the rectangle version that is compatible with E-47, E-57, or E-60 pumps.

The Meyer 22261 harness provides short power and ground leads (still needs separate power 15671 and ground 15672 harness extension wires), as well as the Nite Saber plugs and three pump solenoid wires (Red/Green/Black). The harness measures about 24″ in length and is the shorter truck side harness that Meyer used for a few years.

Note: THIS PRODUCT IS TRUCK SIDE ONLY and does not include any plow-side wiring. This version of the harness requires an additional controller harness and power and ground extensions. However, this harness is useful if you want to be able to swap your control type as you can plug in any controller harness extension you prefer, be it the Touchpad, Slik Stik, or Toggle switches.

If you are looking for the updated version that has a built-in controller harness and power/ground leads (no extensions needed) you need the 22610 MDII Truck Side Harness instead.

Don’t forget to pick up a tube of dielectric grease to protect your plugs and ensure long-lasting performance!

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