Meyer 22610 MDII EZ Plus Truck Side Harness


The Meyer 22610 Truck Side Harness has built-in power, ground and control cables for easy installation. Compatible with several pump models and includes a 17-pin rectangular plug, Night Saber light plugs, and three pump coil control wires. Has a 6 pin connector for the controller.

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Meyer 22610 Truck Side Harness, designed for MDII and early EZ Plus mount plows. This harness has a rectangular shaped grille plug with two slanted corners and is compatible with E-47, E-57, E-58H, and E-60 pumps.

The updated Meyer 22610 Truck Side Harness for EZ Plus and MDII has built-in power and ground cables and a 17-pin rectangular plug. This harness is designed to connect seamlessly with the 22604 or 22262 harnesses. The 22610 harness also includes the Night Saber light plugs and three pump coil control wires.

The harness comes with a 6-pin controller connector, compatible with the 6-pin touchpad or 12-pin pistol grip controller (ONLY with the Meyer 22717 12 to 6-pin adapter).

To complete your truck side setup, you may need a solenoid, battery wire, Nite Saber module kit, and headlight adapter kit specific to your vehicle.

For optimal performance and longevity, we recommend applying a tube of dielectric grease to protect the harness plugs.

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