Hiniker 38813156 Plow Side Harness LED Straight/Scoop 16 Pin


  • Fits Hiniker Straight and Scoop plows 2011+ with Blaze Bar LEDs
  • New style 16 Pin CPC grille connector
  • Carries Blaze Bar LED lighting and control signals

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This Hiniker 38813156 Plow Side Harness LED is a 4 function harness compatible with both Hiniker straight and scoop plows manufactured 2011+ with the new style 16 pin CPC grille connector. This Hiniker 38813156 Plow Side Harness LED runs from the grille to the plow and has plugs for your plow control coils and LED Blaze Bar lighting.

This harness is ONLY for use with 16 pin grille connector plows with new Blaze Bar LED headlights. The connectors on the Blaze Bar have 6 pins. Check your lights and connectors before ordering!

As of 2021 Blaze Bar LED lights are now factory standard on the following Hiniker plows:

  • 6813/6913 Scoop Plows – Uses 38813156
  • 7813/7913 Trip Edge Straight Plows – Uses 38813156
  • 10333 10-Ft Straight Plow – Uses 38813156
  • 9485/9495 Torsion Trip V-Plows – Uses 38813155 (Call to order)
  • 9862/9962 Compression Spring V-Plows – Uses 38813155 (Call to order)
  • 8803/8903 C-Plows – Uses 38813155 (Call to order)
  • 9610 10-Ft V-Plow – Uses 38813155 (Call to order)

If you need the 2 pin plow power harness, that is part 38812008.

We also carry the Truck Side 38813097 Harness that plugs into this harness if you need it. Please note that additional parts such as a motor relay solenoid, short battery to solenoid cablemain power harnessheadlight adapter kit and cab control may be required to complete your truck side setup.

Please refer to your parts manual for accuracy or contact us if you need help finding the correct harnesses for your plow.


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Weight1 lbs




Number of Pins (Electrical)


Plow Blade Type

Straight Blade, Scoop Plow


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